Hint for Moon Problem

Hello Students,

One of you sent me a question about the measurement of the moon’s orbital parameters.   He asked if all three parameters needed to measured independently.

I did, sort of, answer his question and gave a hint.  For fairness, I am putting it here.

1.  As far as independently measuring the three primary orbital parameters, that was what I had in mind.   I did not put it in the final version, because for this competition what matters is that you solve the problems better than your opponents — not just good enough for the judges.  I am sure that if any of you did not measure them independently, your opponent would point this out.

2.  And my hint:   Plan well ahead of August 21st.   If you happen to live anywhere on the North American continent, great!   If not, I am sure you can find friends, family, or colleagues who could take data for you.